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Giving New Life to Old Books

Rescuing previously-loved books from being destroyed. Making them pretty and personalized for their new forever homes.

Book Origami aka Folded Books

These unique handmade gifts are eco-friendly and have a personal touch. 

Made from books that might otherwise be destroyed, or end up in a landfill, these books are given a new lease on life as beautiful office and home decor pieces.

Do you know someone who seems to have everything?

Do you have a loved one that's hard to shop for?

Do you want to break the cycle of boring gift-giving and really WOW them?

Give the Gift of Folded Book Art!

These folded books are affordable and handcrafted to be cherished for years to come. That's why they're perfect for different gift-giving occasions...

How Folded Book Art is Created

Here's a video showing how each page is meticulously folded by hand to create a unique design in a book. Each book takes hours to complete, but you can see a sped version of the actual book folding process in this video.

Order your custom folded book now

Order your custom folded book now ⋆

Everyone Loves Their Folded Books!

Artboard 1

It's amazing... I stare at it and wonder how you made a book into something so unique!

— Doris C.

Artboard 1

I love it! It will be a nice backdrop for my on-camera meetings and video calls.

— Nina E.

Artboard 1

Thank you for turning my old book into something I'm happy to hold onto now.

— Natalie A.

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Hi, I'm Ijeoma... Your Folded Book Artist

Lots of care goes into each page I fold and that shines through in every design I create. I enjoy giving well-loved and old books a new lease on life so that you can enjoy giving them as the very unique gifts that they're created to be.